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The party never stops in Goa. The place is a virtual cornucopia of music. The Nightlife In Goae beach is like a canvas while restaurants, shacks, discotheques, bars and boats are like live etchings, set against a flaming sunset. In effect, this is the essence of Goa.
Nightlife in goa
With the beach stretch in North Goa lit up with lights and fireworks, there is a party happening everywhere during the season, between October and April. With foot-tapping frenzy being the norm, there is always something to set your nights on fire. From discos to lounge bars to restaurants to beach shacks to informal private parties on the beach, there is plenty of partying to keep you rocking.
Goa has come a long way from the Hippi culture. However, beach parties happen at Anjuna, Morjim and Palolem with just music and drinks. As the sun goes down, you can hitch a ride on a boat to chill out with friends or enjoy a party and cultural show on a river cruise, or boogie the night away at Goa's many nightclubs.
Aware that the shacks deservedly do a much brisker trade than their restaurants, some hotel owners have, over the past few seasons, gone out of their way to make life difficult for owners of popular beach cafes, employing heavies, and even the police, to intimidate them or close them down. At the very least, the staff in your hotel will probably try to dissuade you from eating on the beach, telling you the shacks are unhygienic.

Disco's in Goa
  • Bambo Forest Disco
  • North Goa Disco
  • Para Diso Disco
  • Club Cabana
  • Club Antoss Disco

The Saturday Night Market

Your holiday in Goa is incomplete if you have not seen logo's Saturday Night MarkNightlife In Goaet at Arpora. Night Market The market has hundreds of stalls, with all kinds of accessories and is abuzz with music and food. If you are a shopaholic, you can shop till you drop. If shopping is not your scene, you can sit on a bench and watch the world go by. You'll see the most outlandish sights and some interesting people walking along with a drink in one hand and a shopping list in the other! The Indian part of the market has Kashmiri items, wooden articles, silks, pashminas, masks, antiques and home accessories. The part of the market run by foreigners has leather masks, clothes popularized by hippies, amazing hand-made shoes by designer Pinto, wacky furniture, paintings, CDs and clothes galore. There Is something for everyone. And as a touch of exotica, there are fortune-tellers and tarot card readers. There are all sorts of cuisine available to choose from. Name the cuisine and it is there. - Greek, English, South Indian, Thai, Italian, Goan, Nepali, Indian, Indian-Chinese and desserts. All these are available in quaint rows to tantalize your taste buds. The environment is clean and the food delicious. The market is the brainchild of a foreigner, Ingo.
He has been having problems on issues regarding the placement of the market. On any given day, the market sees at least 20,000 people come in. There is no dearth of entertainment and games throughout the evening.


If you want to live amidst luxury, go to the Goa Marriott Resort's bar Ozone that usually has Forefront belting out some great oldies while the DJs get you going. Cidade de Goa too has its bar and disco. Most five-star hotels have their own discos and have events planned out. However, usually houseguests avail of them and very few outsiders attend these. There is Villa Sol at Dona Paula that gets a local crowd. In the south, the Radisson has Gravity Pool, a bowling alley; Holiday Inn at Moor has its Party Zone and Kenilworth has Red.



A holiday means different things to different people. For those whNightlife In Goao want to wine and dine in style, there are many places with nouvelle cuisine, but if you want something sensational, head to Noah's Ark at the Mandovi Jetty. This boat has designated tables for a seven-course meal, complete with wine, champagne, cold cuts, delicious entrees, main courses, sinful desserts and a special live band to take you through this dream meal while the boat cruises along Mandovi River. One can also hire the boat for parties and weddings. Party animals are always the last ones to eat and there is good news for those who want to grab a quick bite late in the night.


Serves delicious home-cooked meals prepared by the affable owner's mother, Celia. You can have the best Goan fare all through the night. This small cubby hole is basic and simple but invites you to dine, drink and talk with celebrities like Pooja Bhatt and her husband and other Iocal celebrities. Don't be surprised if you find yourself in the midst of an impromptu jam session or if someone dances on the table, it's all part of being there! Order sausage and pav or admas (ribs) or just. some fish cutlets and potato chops. The owner, Lloyd, will invite you to any of the four tables and one long balcao. You can join in for an all-nighter with a motley crew of interesting people — you wouldn't want to leave till the sun rises. Lloyds is open from 7pm to 7am. Just after the Chapel, on the Candolim Main Road, the place does an about-face after 12 when people start pouring in for a drink, bite and conversation. Meal for two is Rs250.

(Chinese), Masala Country (Indian), Dosa Plaza (South Indian), T5kka Express, Dilli Wali Chat and Cuisine des Chefs (European). Known for their sumptuous breakfasts, you can get breakfast anytime of the day or night. The owner, Rajesh, and his wife, Sangeeta, will ensure you are satisfied while chef, Matta, will toss up something sensational in a jiffy. Open 24 hours, this food court on Calangute Main Road even caters to sport buffs, with plasma screens showing your favourite matches. Meal for two costs Rs250 onwards.