Benaulim is a lovely beach. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Parasuram's arrow landed at Benaulim when he shot it into the sea and Goa got extended further into the sea.

How to go..

Benaulim is in the centre of coastal Salcette taluka and just around 2km south of Colva. To reach it, you can take a taxi from Dabolim Airport (28km). From Margao Station (8km), you can choose from taxis and autos.

You must see..

Among the places to visit is St. John the Baptist Church, built in 1581. The Hindu influence on the church can be easily seen from its finials and spires. The Holy Trinity Church, built in 1992, is at Manzil Vaddo, in Benaulim. Visitors here can get a glimpse of the past glory of the Portuguese royals by visiting Manthan, a heritage gallery, converted from a house belonging to the Portuguese era.Though there are many joints for eating out, they are not comparable to the options available in Colva or Margao.


There is no dearth of accommodation. Crucially, there are many options to choose from, ranging from the mid-range to the high-end hotels.Benaulim beach is quite safe for swimming. There are not too many opportunities for a wild night out

Eat & Drinks..

benualim too offers a variety of shacks and bars where you can unwind. Besides sunbathing and Swimming in benualim you can also enjoy the variety of water sports like waterskiing, parasailing, wind surfing etc or avail any of the boating excursions that are offered by many boat operators.

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