The Arambol beach is just a walking distance from the Keri beach. The Portuguese interpretation of the name of the village "Hamal" gave Arambol its present name. Apart from the usual run of activities, the beach provides options like body painting, t'ai chi and yoga.A walk down the south of Keri beach takes you to Arambol. It can be reached from either Pernem to the east or Morjim to the south..

How to go..

At a distance of just about 200m from the sea is a small freshwater lake near the Waghcolomb Hill. Taking a dip in the lake after a sea bath can be a good idea, as it would wash away the salt off the body. At the foothill, there is a small beach called Pallem. A short walk from the Arambol junction is Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church.

You must see..

To the north of Arambol, on the opposite shore, is Tiracol Fort. You can take a feri from Keri to reach here.Situated on the northernmost tip of Goa, the fort's sturdy walls offer a wonderful view of the Keri and Arambol beaches. The fort has now been converted to an upmarket hotel - Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel. The fort also houses the Church of St. Anthony..


There are hotels & houses for tourists. Most of the hotels are here in north. There are a few places here that offer great seafood. Most of these are located on the busy road towards the beach.The nightlife in Arambol is rocking with many night birds living here. Some option available here are Indian classical music and dance.

Eat & Drinks..

Cafe Nu Pernem 2.5 km away


Unlike most of the listings here, this market exists everyday. This market starts a little before Arambol Beach main parking and extends for more than 3 kilometers till the end of Arambol. Arambol is near the North most tip of Goa and has developed into a little hippie village over the decades. The prices here are a bit lower as compared to Anjuna flea market and Saturday night market.

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